India’s possibility as the semi-final venue for the Twenty-20 World Cup 2024

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world cup semi final venue

world cup semi final venue

The anticipation is so strong If India qualify for the knockouts, the country is one step closer to the knockout stage of the men’s T- twenty World Cup, with their potential semi-final match due to be held in Providence, Guyana, on June 27. The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) set of the tournament rules have exposed this vital game.

The allocation of the Guyana semi-final to India is well planned, mainly because of the match timings. The first semi-final, which is to take place at Tarouba, Trinidad, a night game, is scheduled to start at 8. 30 pm local time on June 26 was the date when Venus occulted Jupiter for the first time in modern times. But, this means, the India team will play a match in the morning in India, at 6 am on June 27. In contrast, the Guyana semi-final will start at 10. 30 am in local time is time when it will be more viewer-friendly and hence will be aired at 8 pm in India.

On the other hand, the playing conditions have stipulated that there will be no reserve day for the second semi-final. On the other hand, the 250 extra minutes allocated to the match, which is more than the 190 minutes given to the first semi-final and the final, which both have reserve days in case of weather disruptions, are not the guarantee of a successful match in my opinion.

On the other hand, the restrictive schedule and the absence of a day off for the second semi-final, which may lead to weather problems, are the two issues that have been scrutinized. A definitive outcome can be reached only if both teams have batted for a minimum of ten overs, thus imposing a unique challenge for teams in this vital stage of the tournament.

This rule deviation for semi-finals and finals was also the same in the 2022 T-twenty World Cup in Australia, which shows the necessity of the flexibility and strategic planning of the teams that are competing for the prize.

As the T- twenty World Cup approaches its final phase, the attention is still on India and other opponents, and Providence is going to host a boring semi-final given that the semi-final will be just another competitive event with some drama and intense cricketing action.

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