“Sunil Chhetri, Announces Retirement from International Football”

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"Sunil Chhetri, Announces Retirement from International Football"

"Sunil Chhetri, Announces Retirement from International Football"

This heartbreaking announcement was made by the world famous Indian football player Sunil Chhetri, who announced his decision to finally retire from international soccer after a very long career of 20 years. The keeper, admitted for his constant goal-scoring and real devotion to the team, tried to publicize the information through an emotional video on social media.

The epochal football figure who is the icon of the country and also happens to be a centurion in the caps as well as a goal scorer of record rates (with a stunning total of 94 goals in the international events), showed great appreciation for all the valuable support during his journey. The retiring Chhetri will be leaving behind a visible gap which will need to be filled by the team which looks ahead to usher in a new football age for India.

When he would think about his choice, Chettri said: “It was not becoming too tired but. .. “When it was in my instinct that this should be the last game, I pondered about it at length and eventually, I reached the conclusion of (not) playing the game. ” Even though he has the prospect of stepping down from the international arena, the passion of Chhetri for the game is unshakable, and he ended the whole sentence in an optimistic note “The kid inside of me would never like to give up if at once again I am given a chance to play for my country”.

India’s last match of the FIFA World Cup qualification journey against Kuwait, which will serve as Chhetri’s swan song on June 6, is a moment when he can leave a lasting imprint before he voluntary surrenders the mantle to the youth. The match is a must-win game for our qualification while we are up to the task of securing a convincing victory with Chhetri who has serious intentions on the match.

For the commitment and unconditional devotion officiated by all India Football Federation (AIFF), Chhetri who won India its highest number of goals including all international and also domestic, their unparallel contributions both on and off the field were very deep and wide”You will always be remembered as a good example for players on and off the field,” AIFF said in a post, commending all things that have come in promotion of Indian football alongside Chhetri’s leadership, commitment and unwavering dedication for it.

Chhetri’s retirement marks the end of an epoch in Indian football as such but his remarkable journey and inimitable credit will continue to encourage emerging football players and football fans regardless of production of generations in the future.

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